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Online Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Is an early warning device that will alert personnel to developing fault conditions that could lead to equipment failures and unscheduled outages. They warn personnel when diagnostic or remedial actions are needed. The Hydran M2 adds the monitoring of moisture in oil to this capability. This allows the use of only one valve to obtain both measurements. The product interfaces with FARADAY® TMCS Transformer Management System and GE TMAP & LTC-MAP products. Is installed with no additional oil lines and uses no pumps or other moving parts for maximum long term reliability.
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Portable Dissolved Gas Analyzer
Is a compact, portable DGA system which is designed to analyse oil samples in the field and obtain not only gas level readings but also deliver diagnostics based on standard rules. The Unit has been designed to be very rugged and user friendly with an emphasis placed on easy field operation.TRANSPORT Xtest gives highly reliable results and that it is genuinely suitable for field conditions. The equipment minimises the risk of carryover between tests. With the ability to go from high gassed samples (such as tap changers) to subsequent low gassed samples (such as main tanks) with no contamination of results the user can confidently test all types of oil filled equipment.
Buchholz Gas Tester
Tester serves to measure the fault gas content of the Buchholz relay. The Buchholz gas tester allows quick fault analysis on site, hence facilitating the decision-making process with regard to the elimination of faults. Quick and easy analysis of the Buchholz gas on site to identify air and fault gas collection. Can be combined with the Buchholz gas sampler or Buchholz relay extensions to form a functional unit .Deductible signal limit value
Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
Our ATTRM range of fully automatic transformer turns ratio testers are portable and simple to operate testers. These units have rugged construction and are widely used to measure a variety of single-phase and three-phase transformer for their Turns Ratio & Vector Groups etc. The ATTRM offers rapid testing speed and built-in protection function, good measurement accuracy in substation or manufacturing environments.
Transformer Winding Resistance Meter
Our ATWRM series of Transformer Winding Resistance Meters are used for rapid measurement of DC resistance of Transformer windings, Motor windings, Reactor windings and other inductive devices. These fully automatic testers are of Portable Design available in multi-ranges starting from 10A to 50A for fast measurements. All units are equipped with built-in automatic discharge circuitry & anti-interference features that enables functioning of the equipment even in disturbance prone environment of charged substations or manufacturing environments.
Current Transformer Tester
Is the latest version of this successful and well proven CT error tester. 590G-V2 will test CTs and comment whether they are complying with International Standards. Furthermore, User can input their own standards/regulation requirements and 590GV2 will make intelligent comments regarding them. In a world where cost control is gaining importance, this CT tester not only lowers testing costs by being simple, fool-proof and fast. It also allows utilities to pursue the very important (yet many times forgotten) task of testing installed CT’s for detecting tampering, and minimizing losses due to faulty CT’s. This new version includes all the advantages of the previous version with additional testing features, better accuracy and a smaller size and weight
Karl Fisher Test
Is aextremely small footprint for laboratory bench, 5 inch width and lightweight, ~5 lbs. Cabled terminal/display unit which can be wall or bench mounted. New Greaseless glassware eliminates ground joint glassware freeze-up CE Certified. Optional stand-alone printer using RS-232 interface. The interface may also be used to connect a computer for data collection. Quick and accurate moisture analysis provides maximum isolation of solutions from atmospheric moisture. Available with yearly maintenance/service contract. Extremely small footprint for laboratory bench, 5 inch width and lightweight, ~5 lbs


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